It Could Happen


It would have been a day like any other, if the year was 1811, but it’s 2021 and it’s no fun at all.

When the remote button to turn on the TV was pushed, nothing happened and not only was there no electricity, there was no electro-mechanical power of any kind, anywhere.

Cars, trucks, trains, planes didn’t move, police, fire and first responders weren’t responding but struggling with their own household emergencies or trying to figure out how to get back to their own families.

Even if you were fortunate enough to a horse, within a day or so, if you could keep it from being stolen, you would probably have to eat it, because within hours every store and most peoples provisions would be gone. Needless to say, hungry people are not very happy people, in fact they can be downright nasty.

But, as in every crisis there are some, even under the most extreme conditions with the slimmest chance of survival who somehow make it through. This is the story of a few who while confronting one potential fatal danger after another not only escape the destruction of New York City, but make their way up the Hudson River Valley against almost impossible odds to start a whole new but very different life.